The Move


A pop group of late 60s and early 70s. It was formed in Birmingham, England, and its leader was the talented songwriter Roy Wood. The other members were Carl Wayne, Ace Kefford, Bev Bevan y Trevor Burton. Wayne left in 1970 and was replaced with Jeff Lynne. Yes, the man behind the Electric Light Orchestra. The band only managed to release four albums before their members parted ways, but all of those four albums are supreme: The Move (1968), Shazam (1970), Looking On (1970) and Message From the Country (1971). If you like pop rock with a symphonic/progressive edge, this group is for you. The bad thing is that their fourth album is really hard to get in physical format and even its songs are usually ignored in greatest hits. However, is as worthy as everything that came before. Here you have one of their songs:
All the 'heads' love The Move. Roy Wood was cool, but when he went solo, he wimped out :). Jeff Lynne is areal genius, even if ELO is not exactly my cuppa tea :).
Bev Bevan has gotta be the most overlooked drummer in Rockland....luv his drumming.
Here's my fav tune by them:
A masterpiece in lyrics :) and music:)
Farout, unresl and outta sight man :)

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