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If you are a fan of The Dead Boys, the famous late 70s punk/garage band from Ohio, you will surely dig THE OXYS.

Band Biography​

The Oxys
Jason “Ginchy” Kottwitz on guitar
Phil “PunkrockPhil” Davis on vocals
Gabriel Von Asher on bass
Rob Williamson on drums
Abel Idle on guitar

Winners of Austin’s 2019 Punk Rock Lottery (in which local musicians are randomly banded together to write, perform and compete with each other), guitarist Jason “Ginchy” Kottwitz (Dead Boys, Bulemics) and vocalist “PunkRockPhil” Davis (Nowherebound) quickly realized they shared a potent songwriting chemistry along with a mutual love of late-1970s gutter rock, snot punk and a penchant for power pop. So they decided to form a "real band" together called The Oxys.

While touring with Dead Boys and Sylvain Sylvain, Ginchy had amassed a formidable catalog of material. “I had a bunch of songs I had written during my six-year run with (Dead Boysguitarist/solo artist) Cheetah Chrome,” Ginchy says. “Phil added vocals using lyrics he and I had laying around from our respective previous projects, and once the Covid pandemic hit, we buckled down and started demo-ing the material.”

Basically they went on a four-month, pandemic-induced songwriting bender. Unable to leave their homes due to the coronavirus outbreak, the duo bounced song ideas back and forth via electronic communication. By August of 2020, the band entered Ice Cream Studios with Matt Parmenter to track A Date With The Oxys.

Since the time of the recording, the band has added new members to sculpt the live show and future recordings. Gabriel Von Asher, who played alongside Ginchy for many years in the Cheetah Chrome solo band and Sylvain Sylvain and the Sylvains, was brought onboard to handle bass duties. Rob Williamson, who played alongside PunkRockPhil in Nowherebound, came into the fold to handle drums. Abel Idol, brother of Jake Garcia from The Black Angels, fills out the lineup on second guitar.

“You can hear the Dead Boys DNA all over A Date With The Oxys - that peculiar balancing act that Cleveland destruction machine executed between the Stooges’ slash-and-burn, the ballsy power pop of Cheap Trick or the Raspberries, and the tuneful AOR bombast of Blue Oyster Cult and Alice Cooper," opines respected punk scribe Tim Stegall.

Stegall also details the origin of the track "Machine Gun" writing: “That song came out of the bedroom that Sylvain was staying at in my house,” Kottwitz aka Ginchy says of the six weeks the late New York Doll spent in Austin to play a weekly residency at hipster garage spot Hotel Vegas. “He’d be in the guest bedroom sewing, and he’d ask, ‘Hey, you wanna play guitar?’ We would jam and play guitar, and "Machine Gun" was one of the songs that we would play. The only things that changed for The Oxys album were the structure and the vocals.”

Now that infectious creative energy has transferred over to The Oxys’ who have become seemingly unstoppable. They have finalized their second record and are already back in the studio working on their third album.
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