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I've been writing a very Floyd inspired album. The first track, 'The Gravitation' (I wrote it on the first of November) was 25 minutes; not intentionally , it was a complete accident.
But it's now a twelve minute song. If it wasn't instrumental I'd bee fine with that length, but it is. It has a segue to the second song, 'Reach For The Beam' (written on the 7th of November). It's very enigmatic lyrically. I know what I wrote it about, but I don't want to tell anyone just in case it ruins the feel. I have no idea about the order of the rest of the songs, but they are 'The Path You Made' (my favourite) is around 7 minutes (another very enigmatic song lyrically, but I love the chords for the verse's and quite fond of the chorus) and I wrote it from the 1st of October to the ninth of October, 'I Would Like To See Me Try' (I don't know how long it is) which was written some time in June and intended for a different album I wrote, and 'Greet Me' (originally titled 'Touch Me' but i thought that sounded a little too suggestive) which was my attempt at a blues/rock 'n' roll song during the verse and a 'One Slip' style chorus in terms of the metre and the measures.
I know it's a very vague description, but from what I have written, what do you think?

(I'm planning on recording a demo for 'The Gravitation' but I haven't recorded it yet.)
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