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What is your favorite music medium, Vynil discs, Compact Discs or do you just stream from your computer or phone?
Compact Discs. We had some vinyls my husband collected but they were not meant for playing as they were either in too good a shape & don't want to wreck them or they were so used that they barely played.
Out of these, I prefer vinyl.

I do buy compact discs, but I rip them into FLAC files and file those into my digital music library.
Then, I store the discs in a plastic bin in the basement.

Records on the other hand are a part of my decor, with my vintage turntables and receivers displayed prominently
in the TV room and the sitting room.
Well, at 62 years of age I'm a bit of a Luddite, curmudgeon & dinosaur, but I'm also a vinyl junky. To me streaming (or whatever) is nowt but fresh air & something in the music get's kinda "lost". CD's are great for the car, but unless it's something like "DIRE STRAITS" , they sound a bit clinical. The warmth, crackle & sense of pride in ownership onl;y comes with vinyl.
Much of the music I love is from the 3 golden decades of rock, when the music was analogue & made to be played on vinyl, but, even modern day belters like "BLACK STONE CHERRY" & "BETH HART" sound awesome on vinyl. So, I urge ownership of hard copy product, (preferably vinyl, if not CD) NOT fresh air.
It is swings and roundabouts really, vinyl has it's advantages as mentioned it is analogue and any recordings that were made on analogue are better kept that way as converting to digital is always going to incur losses. On the minus side vinyl is huge making it difficult to store and is easily damaged. Also it is not easy to 'skip' tracks with vinyl so for all those reasons I prefer to buy vinyl only for my favorite albums that I can listen to all the way through.

Conversely modern recordings that are recorded digitally and not on analougue are probably I would say better than analogue recordings.
Yes, limiting vinyl ownership to albums you will listen to all the way through is very sensible, as storage is an issue for most people.
My CD collection is vastly bigger than my vinyl, but hard copy is the only way for me.
I use SPOTIFY though to "try" before I "buy".
I follow a bit of Skellyboy's ideas. I have about 1,500 vinyl albums and perhaps the same amount of compact discs. I honestly stopped counting long ago. Still acquiring; but no longer counting. A harddrive full of digital music files as well.
Holding and romancing over a large, 12" album cover and reading liner notes. Gazing at track listings on one side and flipping it over to see what it on the other.
I have a digital disc recorder. An analog to digital disc recorder. I can record any analog source to a compact disc. So I have a number or rare or no longer in print vinyl records recorded to compact disc for convenience of listening in cars or uploading to a digital music device such as my phone. I dip my toes into all mediums of music but I still very much love the vinyl experience.
I remember the days of cassette tapes, then came the CDs. I still have cassette tapes and CDs even though I do not use them anymore. I have digital collections of music albums and I listen to them on my computer and mobile phone. I never have had Vinyl but I very much wanted to have it.
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