What are your favorite songs?


Are there any that are timeless classics for you? When did you first listen to them & what were your thoughts? Have your thoughts changed all this time? There are numerous songs that stand out for me. Since having the internet, we are able to search for the meaning behind the song so it helps me get a new perspective on the lyrics.
I have to say a timeless gem is Lucille by Little Richard. When I first heard it as a little kid, I was mesmerized by Richard Penniman's screeching voice and wild piano playing, which inspired me to take up the piano. I wanted to play piano just like LR. Lucille paved the way for me and from then on, I moved on to the Rolling Stones, Kinks, Deep Purple, Led Zep, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and so on along the line to modern day bands like Dead Daisies, Monster Magnet and psychedelic bands like Miracle Workers, The Dandelions, etc.....as Jerry Garcia used to say "it's been a long weird trip...."

The riff, melody harmony and arrangements by GD in their rendition of this classic blues gem is extraordinary
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