What do you think it's David Gilmour's best solo on album releases?


Comfortably Numb live solos are immensely praised and it's completely justifiable, as they are breathtakingly perfect. However, I think the studio version of the solo is a bit dry. It almost seems lackluster in comparison, and there are better album solos by Gilmour on other songs. Do you feel the same way?

A clear example is "Time". I think the studio version of the solo is just perfect as it is. "Dogs" is another example

What are some other studio version solos by Gilmour you have high esteem for?

By the way, I'm thinking of solos on a more traditional sense, as a guitar solo within an actual song. Shine On You Crazy Diamond is wicked sick, but I'm not counting that because it's mainly an instrumental song.
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