What song got you into metal?

I like a good discussion on metal origins. I think in the late 60's and the 70's the line between rock & metal was still fuzzy. As metal was evolving from rock. It wasn't until the early 80's that metal really became a truly its own unique genre, completely separate from rock. Just my $0.02.
I cannot but agree with you on this. HM had its primordial origins deep in the mid 60s when the volume of music thru the amps not only was turned up , but was also distorted a little to give hard rock a rougher metallic sound , thus the term heavy metal. In the 80s , HR was starting to lose its blues trace and was morphing into a more epic sort of music, composing aspects and arrangements. The mid 80s did indeed thrust HM out of the underground and HM hits started to appear; despite this, HM was not fully embraced by all listeners because it was thought of as screamer and noise music by pop / rock purists.
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