What's the first single and Album you bought?


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The first single I ever bough with money I earned from selling cream was can the can by Suzi Quatro. Not sure if it was because I liked the music or I fancied her. Probably a bit of both!

The first Album I ever bought was Blue For You by Status Quo.

Cool Floyd :) !! Yeah, who wasn't into Suzi baby back then ? I still am today .....she's still rockin' out doing tours everywhere. Suzi is pretty famous in England too :):)
At age 3 (!!!!!), I listened to my first 45rpm from my elder sis's collection: Lucille by Little Richard .....I was totally blown away by that voice and piano playing !!!!
At age 12, I went out and bought Little Richard's album containing Lucille.
The rest is history :)
The first albums I bought were the unofficial release, The Beatles Historic First Live Recordings and The Beatles (white album).
I had won a copy of Sgt. Pepper's from a radio contest so that was the first record I owned.
I still have all three of those original copies.
The first single I bought was Point Me At The Sky by Pink Floyd from memory.
The first album was either a Fleetwood Mac greatest hits or Riding With The King (BB King and Eric Clapton)
First single: Lucille by Little Richard.
First album: Surrealistic Pillow by J.A. .......the rest is history :)
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