Who's the most English of classic rock bands?


I was just having this conversation (starting from why English kids in particular fell in love with rock 'n' roll in the '60s and did it so well). We had our own conclusions, but I thought I'd try asking people who would really know.

So: English people (and other British folks), who do you think is the most English classic rock artist/band -- in attitude and outlook, lyrical content, history, general disinclination to try to sound American, and so forth?

And fellow Americans, who strikes you as the most English of artists?


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Interesting thread. I'd say one of the most British solo artists would be Tommy Steele - he came out before the Fab Four and was labeled as the UK Elvis !! I think he dragged the kids of his time into r n r.
As for bands, well, indisputably Johnny Kidd & the Pirates with and after Johnny's passing simply The Pirates.
Many a British artist, inc Robert Plant, Ian Gillan and Ozzy has stated that their sound would not have evolved without the influence of the Pirates

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