Worth going to see roger waters as a pink floyd fan?


I'm considering seeing RW next year in the UK. I'm a massive PF fan, but would you expect him to sing a lot of non PF stuff? Or would it mostly be his biggest hits from PF days?

I've never listened to his non PF stuff, so just curious if it's worth listening to that stuff first?
I went to see him live in 2018, and he played mostly Pink Floyd songs. It was an amazing concert, and no flaws (but it's Roger, what do you expect?).
For his solo work, I heard for his current tour his only playing a few of those songs, but they're all amazing songs. I've heard all four of his studio solo albums, and they ae incredibly underrated,
Roger seems somewhat the Floyd member fans love to hate, but only because of his LEGIT stance on many world issues. I haven't had the chance to listen to his solo albums, but knowing his prowess and talent, I think I'll enjoy them.
In any case, fans seem to polarize between Roger and Gilmour....no margin of comparison between the 2.
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