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My brother and i like to create playlists and sit back with some brews and have good time. He likes 80's rock mostly but he listens to a wide variety of classics. I like the older stuff but he has taught me that a good playlist has ebbs and flows to bring ya down and pick ya up. I find it somewhat challenging to match his tastes and mine together, but i think i have a decent concept going with this one. Its a little mainstream, a little obscure.. i think it's a decent balance, but i would love to hear what some real classic rock fans think of it.

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∆∆∆∆∆∆ Hi there. Glad to see other souls on the forum :).....I was getting to feel a bit like a sodium molecule in good sound mineral water....isolated:)
I checked out the playlist and I must say you have good mixed taste in music....that's a bit what I do - mix genres and the like. Glad to see bands like Wings and artists like Zevon on a playlist. Rock on :)
Yea man ? its a work in progress. Still getting the kinks worked out. I like to lay down a premise with earlier stuff and then come in a sprinkle some 80's attitude in afterwards to make it punch harder. I'm not sure when i will be done with it but i think its getting there slowly. I feel like its definitely missing some elements that just havent crossed my mind yet..
I updated the playlist today. Its still not finished but i think its coming along nicely. I currently have about 150 songs on it. I definitely would welcome others to listen through it (without shuffle). I like heavy, but my brother taught me that a good playlist is up and down like a rollercoaster. This is my first real stab at taking that philosophe and running with it. Hopefully i did alright and people from all different areas of rock can feel at home with it. Anyway, rock on man ?
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